Angels, Devil and Science

Angels, Devil and Science
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 India is one of the ten most scientifically and technologically advanced countries in the world. Interestingly, it is also the only country where commitment to scientific temper is enshrined in the Constitution as a duty of its citizens. Juxtaposing the advancement in modern science with serious lack of scientific temper, the articles in the book make a plea that many a superstitious belief still prevalent in the society are founded on unscientific grounds. Arguing for the urgent need to promite scientific temper as a social assest, The book discusses the importance of scientific temper and its roel in the country's socio-economic as well as scientific &technological advancement . The book is a major contribution in understanding the importance of science and sceintific temper.

Author: Pushpa M. Bhargava & Chandana Chakrabarti
Year of Publication:2007
Edition:1st Edition
No of Pages:284 Pages
Age Group:All
Dimensions:22"(L) 14.5"(W) (CMS)
ISBN 13:978-81-237-5184-9
Subject:Popular Science
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