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The NBT provides a wide variety of books for all age groups on all subjects keeping in view the needs of its readers and demands of a fluctuating market. A brief note on the various series and on the number of books published under each series during 2010-2011 is as follows:

India — The Land and the People

Books in this series introduce the varied physical environment, the diverse cultural traditions and the flora and fauna have enriched the composite and colourful character of India. These books, written in a non-technical, lucid style by subject experts, provide authentic and up-to-date information on the subject.

One hundred and fifteen titles were published during the year comprising 3 originals, 3 translations and 109 reprints. These include 14 in Asamiya, 6 in Bangla, 22 in English, 56 in Hindi, 3 in Kannada, 8 in Tamil, 2 in Urdu and 1 each in Telugu, Odiya, Marathi and Malayalam. Significant titles published include India’s Changing Population Profile, Bharat ke Sanrakshit Van Kshetra and Ladakh.

Popular Science

This series aims at enabling the average educated reader to understand the world around him/her appreciate the progress of science, and learn about the role science and technology play in everyday life, emphasizing, wherever possible, India’s contribution to the field. The books in this series are written in a lucid, easy-to-understand, simple style and illustrated with anecdotes and analogies from daily life. Diagrams, sketches and photographs elucidate the text.

One hundred and thirty-nine titles were published during the year, including 7 originals, 5 translations, 126 reprints and 1 revised edition. The language-wise editions include 26 in Asamiya, 13 in Bangla, 25 in English, 52 in Hindi, 5 in Kannada, 4 in Marathi, 11 in Tamil, and 1 each in Odiya, Telugu and Urdu. New titles published were Random Curiosity, Petroleum: An Introduction, Characteri-sing Biodiversity: Trans-disciplinary Dimensions, and Challenge of AIDS.

Young India Library

The main objective of publishing books under the Young India Library series for young readers of the 18 ± age-group is to introduce the social, economic and political concepts, issues and choices which will control them in the years to come. Stories of adventure and travel, and books on career opportunities are also included in this series.

Fifty-two titles were published during the year, including 4 originals, 2 translations, 45 reprints and 1 revised edition. Language-wise break-up of the titles is as follows: 9 in Asamiya, 15 in Bangla, 11 in English, 10 in Hindi, 4 in Tamil, and 1 each in Kannada, Marathi and Telugu. Significant titles among these are The Contribution of Revolutionaries in India’s Freedom Struggle, The Planet Earth, Dak Ticketon Mein Bharat Darshan and Jungle Bolte Hain.

Aadan Pradan

Aadan Pradan is a series of particular importance because of its unique potential for forging national integration through the exchange of creative literature of the different regions. It presents well-known literary works, mainly novels, short stories, anthologies of popular poetry and reminiscences, of a particular language, to people of other Indian languages.  

A total of 174 titles were published under the series during the year including 25 originals, 20 translations and 129 reprints. Of these, 8 were in Asamiya, 13 in Bangla, 6 in English, 99 in Hindi, 2 in Bhojpuri, 1 in Kannada, 6 in Marathi, 1 in Konkani, 21 in Punjabi, 4 in Odiya, 7 in Tamil, 4 in Telugu and 2 in Urdu. Significant titles include Bhojpuri Natak, Ek Antheen Talash, Namwar Singh: Sankalit Nibandh and Firaq Gorakhpuri: Select Writings.


Since only contemporary works are published under Aadan Pradan series, Classical Indian Literature is brought out under this series.

During the year, four titles were reprinted in Hindi, namely Kabir: Saakhi aur Sabad, Kathasaritsagar and Upanishadon ki Kahaniyan.


The Folklore series enables the readers of one region to get acquainted with folklore which had shaped the cultural identity of those living in other regions of the country. Descriptions of the area, people, myths, mythology, religion, customs, traditions, fairs and festivals, music, dance, drama, art & craft, and folk literature are also included in the books of this series.

Thirty titles were published during the year, including 2 originals and 28 reprints. Of these 1 was in Asamiya, 2 in English, 3 in Bangla, 19 in Hindi, 1 in Sindhi, 1 in Kannada and 3 in Tamil. Significant titles include Japan ki Lok Kathayen and Purvottar: Adivasi Srijan Mithak Evam Lok Kathayen.

National Biography

The objective of the National Biography series is to bring out biographies of Indian women and men who have made outstanding contribution towards the development of Indian society, culture, science, economy, polity as also of modern Indian sensibility. These provide an authentic, objective, comprehensive and analytic account of the person’s life and times.

Under this series, 127 titles were published during the year. These include 9 originals, 9 translations and 109 reprints. The language-wise break-up is as follows, Asamiya: 3, Bangla: 22, English: 15, Hindi: 53, Marathi: 3, Punjabi: 5, Kannada: 8, Odiya: 2, Gujarati: 1, Urdu: 1. Tamil: 7 and Telugu: 7. Significant titles include Utpal Dutta: Jeevan O Srishti, Bagha Jatin, Batukeshwar Dutt: Bhagat Singh ke Sehyogi, and Durgabai Deshmukh.


This series comprises autobiographies of distinguished social, political and literary figures of India, whose contributions have made the country proud.

During the year, 13 titles were published, including 3 original and 10 reprints. Of these, 9 were in Hindi, 1 in Odiya and 3 in Bangla. Significant titles include Dogra Shooting Aur Mera Sangharsh, and Fakir Mohan Senapati Atmacharita.

Nehru Bal Pustakalaya

The Nehru Bal Pustakalaya series aims at creating a treasure-house of enjoyable and informative literature which children can read at their own initiative. It also promotes national integration by providing common reading material on a wide range of subjects in their mother tongue to children all over India. Books of this series cater to four age groups: pre-school, 6–8, 9–11 and 12–14. Illustrations material for these books is commissioned separately and all books carry colour and / or black & white illustrations, line drawings and photographs. In the case of books for pre-school children, the text, if any, revolves around multi-coloured pictures which tell a story by themselves.

During the year, 1267 titles were published under the series. These include 44 originals, 97 translations and 1126 reprints. The language-wise break-up is as follows: Asamiya: 32, Bangla: 106, English: 218, Hindi: 751, Marathi: 4, Odiya: 18, Kokborok: 1, Punjabi: 15, Telugu: 18, Kannada: 3, Tamil: 99 and Urdu: 2. Significant titles include Jene Kukur Tene Tangon, Mouer Bondura, A Tale of Moustache, Adventure on Clee Island, Deshbhakt Daku, Dadi Ajube, Bolti Dibiya and Ghu Ghu Ranee.

Books for the Neo-literates

Most books published under the series are the outcome of workshops organised in rural areas with the participation of local people. To make these relevant to the needs of the neo-literates, the books are written in an idiom familiar to them and are field-tested. Short stories, biographies, novelettes, folktales, presentations of contemporary issues and functionally useful information are brought out in a style which attracts neo-literates to read at their own initiative.

Under this series, 150 titles were published during the year, comprising 24 originals, 4 translations and 122 reprints. These include: 13 in Bangla, 2 in Kannada, 1 in Gujarati, 124 in Hindi, 3 in Punjabi, and 7 in Tamil. Significant titles include Hai Pakwaan, Adiyal Ghodi, Jangal, Santu Gappi and Kate Pankhon Wali Pari.

Creative Learning Series

The objective of this series is to bring out books on new educational concepts and tools that are now being actively implemented in the pre-primary and primary sectors of education. With an orientation towards a practical mode of approach, these books are specially designed keeping in view the needs of teachers and others working in the field of education.

During the year, 57 titles were published under the series. These include 1 original, 3 translations and 53 reprints. Language-wise break-up is: 2 in Asamiya, 8 in Bangla, 15 in English, 1 in Gujarati, 27 in Hindi, 2 in Marathi, and 2 in Kannada. Significant titles include Bal Pothi, and The Child’s Language and the Teacher.

Popular Social Science

The books under this series introduce popular concepts and ideas of social sciences to the general reader. A variety of emerging subject areas like gender studies, tribal studies, peace and conflict studies, development economics, social formation, etc. are the major focus of the series.

Fifty-four titles were published under this series. These included 6 originals, 16 translations and 32 reprints, of which 3 in Asamiya, 6 in Bangla, 17 in English, 15 in Hindi, 4 in Odiya, 2 in Punjabi, 1 in Gujarati, 3 in Kannada and 3 in Urdu. Significant titles include Freedom Movement and Indian Muslims, India’s Quest for Population Stabilisation, and India’s Glorious Freedom Struggle and the Post-Independence Era.

Indian Diaspora Studies

The books under this series seek to bring out the salient features of the impact of cross-cultural interaction, alienation and exile, displacement, immigration, etc. on various knowledge systems like literature, sociology, culture, philosophy, etc. Emerging as a significant field of study, NBT’s foray into this area of publishing is a pioneering effort.

During the year under review, two titles were published in the series, which included one translation and one reprint, both in Hindi. The titles were namely Surinam and On the Other Side of the Midnight.

Afro-Asian Countries

The books under this series focus on the problems and prospects of sustainable development, globalization and interdependence in the fields of science and technology, trade, agricultural infrastructure, education, health, strategic alliances etc. in these geopolitical regions.

During the year, 2 titles were reprinted in English, namely Saudi Arabia and Japan.

General Series

Significant titles which cannot be covered under the above series are published as General titles. Books published under this series provide an in-depth study of the subject and also serve as authentic reference  material.

During the year, 69 titles were published, including 16 originals, 4 translations and 49 reprints. Language-wise break-up of the titles is as follows: 2 in Asamiya, 18 in English, 28 in Hindi, 2 in Marathi, 5 in Bangla, 1 in Kannada, 3 in Tamil, 1 in Odiya, and 9 in Punjabi. Among the significant titles published include Hindi-Urdu Sanjhi Sanskriti, Gandhi-Nehru Correspondence, and Gandhi-Patel Correspondence.

Continuing Education Series

The objective of this series is to bring out books for the participants of Continuing Education Programme in all major languages of India. Books in this series include collection of freedom songs, books on Indian culture, polity, industry, agriculture etc. Besides, the series also comprises biographies and major novels of Indian literature abridged for target readership.

Under this series, 34 titles were published this year, of which 2 were originals, 3 translations and 29 were reprints. Language-wise break-up is: 1 in Asamiya, 12 in Bangla, 12 in Hindi, 1 in Marathi, 1 in Kannada and 7 in Tamil. Significant titles include Amar Shaheed Khudiram Bose, Bakht Khan, Mother Teresa and Vipinchandra Pal: Jagruk Rashtravadi.

Asian / Pacific Co-publication Programme

This is a novel attempt under the aegis of UNESCO, at developing books for Asian children by Asian authors. To have children in Korea share their fantasies with their counterparts in Sri Lanka is probably no mean achievement. And when Indian and Pakistani editors work as part of a team to build a list of children in the 20 odd countries of the continent we inhabit, it is a great new beginning. The many worlds from Tehran to Tokyo intermingle to give colour to words that children across the continent, if not the world, would love to read. These books are steps for bridging minds and creating a common heritage for this vast continent and are the very best of Asia today.

During the year, 13 titles were published under the series of which 1 was translation and 12 were reprints. These included 2 in English, 4 in Hindi, and 3 in Bangla, 1 in Punjabi and 3 in Tamil. Significant titles include Together in Dramaland, Trees and The Last Ticket.

World Literature Series

Select novels and anthologies of contemporary writings from the Asian, African and Latin American countries are included in this series.

Under this series, 7 titles were published this year, of which 1 was translations and 6 were reprints. These included 3 in Hindi and 1 each in Asamiya, Bangla, Gujarati and Tamil. Significant titles included, Bridging Connections and Not Just Milk and Honey.

Golden Jubilee series

During the Golden Jubilee Year of the Trust in 2007, a series of special anthologies of Post Independence writings in various Indian languages were initiated.

During the year under review, five anthologies of poetry, short story and drama were published one each in Asamiya, Gujarati, and Hindi and 2 in Bangla. These included 1 original and 4 reprints. Significant titles include Rang Che, Asamiya Galpo Chayan, and Desh Kaal: Kabita.

Braille Books

In order to cater to the reading needs of the visually impaired, the NBT in collaboration with the All India Confederation of the Blind has been bringing out select titles in Braille editions. During the year under review, 240 Braille editions were published in Hindi, English, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Gujarati.



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