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The National Book Trust, India is an apex body, established by the Government of India in the year 1957 to develop reading ...

National Centre for Children's Literature

The National Centre for Children's Literature (NCCL) was set up in 1993 as a coordinating agency to promote children's literature in all the languages of India. Set up by National Book Trust, India (an autonomous organisation of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India), this Centre helps in creation and translation of useful books for children. At the same time, it also works for monitoring, coordinating and aiding the publication of children's literature in the country.

The primary objective of this Centre is to collect and make available joyful Indian and foreign materials and expertise to publishers, authors, illustrators and others interested for rapid and balanced development of children's literature available to parents, teachers, ecucationists and planners. It involves public and private agencies for the purpose on regular basis.
Major activities of the NCCL are as follows :

Training and Promotion
Research and Development
Information and Documentation

Readers' Club Movement
This centre is working to establish Reader's Clubs for making reading and teaching more interesting in schools, non-formal education centres, libraries and in education centres run by NGOs. Reader's Club is an activity centre based on reading books. Children, teachers, book-loving people of the society and parents came forward to set up and run such centres. A simple form has to be filled for the membership of the Club. Books worth Rs. 100 are gifted to each new Reader's Club so that apart from text books, other books are available for reading. Besides, a monthly bulletin is sent free to them.

The NCCL organises training/orientation(s) for teachers/facilitators to provide practical knowledge regarding setting up and running of a Reader's Club, selection of books and activities to be conducted without much expenditure in schools/education centres. Renowned writers and experts on activities are invited as resource persons in such training/orientation programmes. Workshops on creative writing or interesting activities for children or members of Reader's Clubs are also organised from time to time. Besides, the centre arranges subject experts for organising different activities such as workshops on writing and publishing, story telling etc. on request for promotion of children's literature.

Readers' Club Bulletin
The NCCL Published a bilingual magazine entitled Reader's Club Bulletin ' every month for children. This megazine is sent free of cost to the readers 's Clubs the annual subscription of this bulletin for the general readers is Rs 50/- (inclusive of postage). Inreresting reading materials, activities, review of new books or work undertaken by Readers's Clubs all over the country find place in this magazine, Articles written by children are given priority in publication. This bulletin is sent free to small regional s newspapers with the objective that the materials published in it can be used free of cost by them for non commercial purpose.

<p >The NCCL library and its membership
National Centre for Children's Literature, a wing of the Trust, has a Library-cum-Documentation Centre. The only of its kind in the country; objective behind setting up this library was to cater to the thematic needs of authors, illustrators, editors, researchers, translators, teachers and activists in the field of children's literature. The library has three types of members:
a) Ordinary members from Delhi NCR who pay Rs.100/- as one time enrolment fee and Rs. 500/- as refundable security to utilize the services of the library in person.

b) Temporary members include professionals who are either from Delhi, NCR or from outside and visit Delhi for the purpose of research on children's literature.
c) NBT staff members NCCL Library holdings The NCCL Library has over 15000 volumes of books. These books are in 18 Indian and 26 foreign languages. The children's literature of reference and research nature needs proper exposure to the target group. Now in the new premises at Nehru Bhavan, a number of steps for further development of the library have been taken up.
The automation Till now this library was using CDS/ISIS software. It had its limitations. Keeping the new technology in view, the library has now acquired a new software called 'Virtua' which has the unique feature of Unicode for all the Indian and foreign languages, z39.50 for remote access based on MARC 21 format and multimedia support for digitization besides other features. Soon the library will have connectivity with all the established organizations that work in the field of children's literature and/or in education throughout the world.

Benefit for the users
The Information Technology available through 'Virtua' software will provide a wide range of tools and services for modernization of NCCL library. Soon the NCCL library will have online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and web-OPAC library system. Through Web OPAC users can access the data bases without coming to the library through Internet explorer. It will ensure use of the holdings of the library by the professionals throughout the country and abroad.

• The children's literature database will be widely available to the public. People from all sectors and of all parts of the country and aboard will have easy access to knowledge in field of children's literature according to their needs in their own language.
• The NCCL library will serve as the resource centre in the field of children's literature and a gateway to national and global knowledge providing fair access to knowledge and information to as many users as possible.
• NCCL library will convert into an inviting and attractive physical space in clean environment and serve as a reading forum in the field of children's literature.
• Soon the NCCL library users will be able to have access to the library catalogues of the other countries, as the software fully supports MARC 21 and various other country's specific formats.
• The users will have direct access to information regarding databases of publishers, illustrators, translators etc. These will be updated efficiently by the library from time-totime.
• The users will have direct access or electronic control on abstracts/indexes of children's literature.
• SDI/CAS services based on large number of coverage of newspapers, magazines, journals will be available. The above services will also include book reviews based on the available information through the software purchased.
• The users will have the latest information regarding the publication of the titles of the small publishers.
• The users will have the information regarding the latest research work done in the country in the field of children's literature Online / CD Rom.
• Users will be able to get the 'Reading list' of new arrivals in time on regular basis.


Proforma to get a survey on the Makers of Children’s Contest in India


NCCL Web OPAC Library

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