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The National Book Trust, India is an apex body, established by the Government of India in the year 1957 to develop reading ...
Subsidized Books Publications

The broad objective of the Scheme for the Subsidized Publication of Books is to provide assistance to authors and publishers for producing books of an acceptable standard at reasonable prices for students and teachers of Indian universities and technical institutes. The books may be in English, Hindi or in any other language listed in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution, and may serve as textbooks, discipline-oriented supplementary reading material and reference books.

Only such books are subsided under the Scheme for which a definite need is felt and which relate to subject areas where books of an acceptable standard are either not available or are so highly priced to be beyond the means of students.

Some salient features of the Scheme, which are recently been revised to remove bottlenecks and make it more attractive for authors and publishers, are given below:

• the author receives royalty @ 20 per cent of the published price of the subsidized edition of the book, directly from the Trust, on publication of the book;
• the publisher is paid 50% of the total cost of production of the book, as subsidy;the selling price of the book is fixed at four times the unit cost of production.

The Trust invites publishers to submit proposals for consideration under the Scheme according to the procedure described below:

1. Applications are accepted by the Trust in the prescribed application form (Annexure II), accompanied by the complete manuscript/book (including the rough artwork/transparencies) and a letter of recommendation from a person who is either a Dean of Faculty or a professor in a university in the subject to which the manuscript/book relates or, in the case of Diploma level books, the Head of the Department of the concerned discipline, certifying that the book/manuscript is of an acceptable standard and would be useful to students studying at the Diploma or Degree level.

2. Each proposal should be accompanied by a brief description of the book, in about 1000 words, explaining what the book is about; in what way it is different from other books available on the subject; the purpose that it serves, etc.

3. Manuscripts/books received for consideration are sent for evaluation to experts in the relevant fields. If the reviewers suggest major modifications or revisions, the publisher is asked to submit a revised manuscript for re-assessment; however, if no major changes are involved, the author is expected to carry out the suggestions of the reviewer and submit a certificate in token thereof.

4. Once the proposal for assistance of subsidy is accepted in principle, the Trust calls for provisional cost estimates from the publisher, on the prescribed proforma (Annexure III), together with the complete (revised) manuscript and photocopies of the final artwork and cover design with the colour layout.

5. While submitting the provisional cost estimates, the publisher has to ensure that these are close to the actual cost of production, subject to 10 per cent variation which may occur due to increase or decrease in the number of pages.

6. The Trust then calculates the probable or likely cost of production, subject to 10 per cent variation, based on the most cost-effective method of printing and on its approved schedule of rates, and works out the amount of subsidy and royalty payable to the publisher and author, respectively, and the tentative price of the book.

7. After fixing the tentative selling price and working out the amount of subsidy and royalty, the Trust enters into an agreement with the publisher for inclusion of the book in the Scheme and permits the publisher to go ahead with the production of the book. The proposal is not considered as finally approved unless the agreement is signed by both the parties.

8. Once the book is printed, a physical verification by the NBT officials is conducted and, if the
Trust  is  satisfied  that  all  specifications  have  been  complied  with,  it  authorizes  the  publisher  to release the book for sale.

9. After the book is released for sale, the publisher submits a certificate of audit, based on which
payment of subsidy and royalty is released by the Trust.

Proposals for Financial Assistance may be sent to any of the following

Director/Joint Director (Production)
5-Institutional Area, Nehru Bhawan,
Phase - II, Vasant Kunj,  
New Delhi : 110070
Telephone : 011-26707700
E-mail: nbtindia[at]nbtindia[dot]org[dot]in
Application Form is enclosed.
Guidelines for Reviews is enclosed.   
Provisional Cost Estimates is enclosed.

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