Bride at Ten, Mother at Fifteen

Bride at Ten, Mother at Fifteen
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The Importance of present autobiography by Sethu Ramaswamy stems from the fact that it is written by an ordinary housewife who views her life  and times through the prism of the commonplace and the commonsensical. Extremely well-written and evocative, the book is divided into three sections and in each the author desribes a distinct way of life. In the first section, the author delineates her childhood, the extended family and friends and their way of life, Sinhalese practice and her elaborate wedding rituals. The second section describes life in her in -law's house in Trivandrum. The last section tells about her life in Delhi.

Author: Sethu Ramaswamy
Year of Publication:2014
Edition:1st Edition
No of Pages:176 Pages
Age Group:All
Dimensions:21.2"(L)13.6"(W) Cms.
ISBN 13:978-81-237-6261-6
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