Minerals Of INDIA

Minerals Of INDIA
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In the expanding economy of the country, the importance of popularizing knowledge of India's mineral resources and their exploitation, indigenous fabrication and export by our industrialists and entrepreneurs cannot be over em- phasized. In the present compilation, Mrs. Wadia puts forth, in systematic form and simple language, information on minerals and metals of India.

After graduation and training as a teacher from Bombay University, Mrs. Meher D.N. Wadia worked as an educator for some years in institutions in Ahmedabad and Surat. One of her interests has been production of popular scientific literature as an aid to general knowledge and adult education. She has published adaptations of elementary scientific treatises on geographical and geological subjects in Gujarati. -

Dr. Srivastava who has revised the fifth edition is a fellow of Geological and Mining Society of India, member of the Mining and Geological Institute of India and fellow of the Ceo-Chemical Society of India. He has more than 40 yeaJ;"s of professional experience in carrying out geological mapping and mineral and ground water investigations in different parts of India.

Author: Mehar D.N. Wadia
Year of Publication:2017
Edition:10th Edition
No of Pages:258 Pages
Age Group:All
ISBN 13:978-81-237-0774-7
Subject:India-The Land and the People
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